Re Shoes. Save the world everyday, step by step.

We give new life to materials

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From waste materials, we have created an eco-sustainable
and recycled shoes, whose life-cycle does not end with the consumer
but is regenerated by changing shape and use.
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Discover our zero-impact company

Recycled shoes

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All shoe materials derive from riciclo re shoesrecycling processes

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eco sistema acqua re shoesWe do not use adhesives or glues that are harmful to the environment

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The energy pannelli solari re shoes companythat feeds our
production is renewable

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The everyday leather shoes
with zero environmental impact,
recycled and recyclable

A product that
never dies

With RE we innovate the world of footwear and the entire footwear sector and recycled shoes brand.
In addition to being recycled, their life cycle does not end with the consumer, but after they are used, they will be recycled again! Contact us and we will tell you how to return them, and will help our partners transform them.

Find out how RE
is reborn every time


Buy organic shoes made from recycled materials


Use your new RE footwear for every occasion


Instead of throwing them away, give them back to us and we will give them a new life